- Mission Statement -

To provide opportunities for bicyclists of all ages and abilities to ride their bicycles on safe, friendly, and well-organized rides; to be informed of bicycle events and related activities; to volunteer in support of CIBA and other bicycle-related organizations; and to socialize with other bicyclists. 

  • Who are we?
        We are a bicycling club for riders of all ages, shapes, and sizes.  We are one of the largest bicycling clubs in the country and                       operated completely by volunteers. CIBA is a 501 (c) organization.

  • What do we do best?.............Provide over 600 rides yearly.

Weekend Rides:  These rides begin in March and continue almost EVERY Saturday and Sunday through October.  Most of these rides start at schools, churches, or parks.  The weekend ride is hosted by a CIBA member, known as a "Ride Leader.".  The Ride Leader scouts and creates routes with mileage options from 15 to 62 miles.  The routes will have road markings called "Dan Henry's" . Maps and/or a cue sheet are typically offered to each rider at the ride start.  Ride Leaders will also provide one or more rest stops called SAGs.  The SAGs have plenty of water, cookies, bananas, and other goodies.  Most of these rides are in a rural setting with low traffic volume.  The Weekend Rides are on all sides of the Greater Indianapolis area and are run entirely by CIBA volunteers. 

Grand Touring Rides:  GT rides are smaller groups and less structured than the Weekend Rides.  GT rides promote a social activity as well as an opportunity to explore Indiana and sometimes other states by bicycle.  The ride leader provides a map/cue sheet but the roads are not marked with "Dan Henry's".  No SAG service, but there is usually one or more stops with one being a lunch stop. The riders stay together or in groups, if necessary, and no riders are dropped.  

Repeating Rides:  These are repeating rides, held nearly every weekday from March to October.  The rides are on all sides of town. Most rides start at a local bike shop or park and take place in the mornings and evenings. The routes are marked with Dan Henrys and maps may be provided. Usually there is no other ride support (SAGs). Generally, two or three distances and different speed groups are available. All skill levels welcome, though frequently the majority of these group rides are at 18+ mph.

Fun & Fitness: No formal ride support, and generally no Dan Henrys. Maps provided. Similar in format to Grand Touring Rides, although shorter ride lengths (10 to 25 miles) and more local destinations. Group stays together or regroups regularly. Often held as a repeating ride.

Breakfast/Dinner Rides:  These ride at a moderate pace (12 to 16 m.p.h.) and are usually 25 to 35 miles. Breakfast/Dinner rides have a smaller and more social group and are ideal for the newer riders. The rides typically go as 1 or 2 groups to a restaurant, having a meal, then returning to the start location.

HOOTs:  Hoosiers Out on Tandems is a club within CIBA for tandem riders.  HOOTs have their own Grand Touring style group rides during the summer.  If you are interested in tandem riding but would like to try it out first check out the HOOTs website.

Camping Rides:  Tour self-contained on your bicycle.  usually these are weekend rides from April through October.  Riders carry their own gear on the bike, tent, sleeping bag and other gear.  No SAGs are provided on these rides. Occasionally, the gear might be collected at the star location and taken by a vehicle to the camping site.

Instructional Rides: Speed, distance, and conduct strictly enforced by on-bike trainer according to group’s ability level. Pre-ride equipment check. Pre ride meeting stating objectives and expectations. Ride support provided by ride leader after the ride finishes. Maps or Dan Henrys may be provided but group stays together. Designed for ages 10 and over. Children must ride with parents. Emphasis on bike safety and handling.

Family Rides: Designed for age 10 and under riders. Parents are expected to ride with their children. Ride Lengths are 5 to 10 miles in quiet neighborhoods. Emphasis on bike safety and handling.

Mountain Bike (MTB) Rides: No formal ride support, no Dan Henrys, and no maps. Groups goes to State Parks or private facility for off-road biking. Visit the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association site at www.hmba.org for details on MTB Rides.

Randonneuring: A long-distance unsupported endurance cycling. This style of riding is non-competitive in nature, and self-sufficiency is paramount. When riders participate in randonneuring events, they are part of a long tradition that goes back to the beginning of the sport of cycling in France and Italy. Friendly camaraderie, not competition, is the hallmark of randonneuring. Refer to CIBA link to Indiana Randonneurs and/or www.rusa.org.

The CIBA Signature Rides

The N.I.T.E Ride:  This is the fastest growing CIBA ride with2,500+ riders pedaling through downtown Indy.  The N.I.T.E. ride is an all day event with a morning Bike Tour, Dinner Ride, L.I.T.E. Up Your Bike contest, and live entertainment!  Enjoy Downtown and see IUPUI, the Indy Greenways and the new Cultural Trail.

The Hilly Hundred:  Nationally known and listed as one of the "Best Rides in America", the "Hilly" takes place in southern Indiana every October.  No hills in Indiana? How about climbing 8,000 feet in two days?  Enjoy great rest stops with live bands and the famous "Hilly" lunch.
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