New to Club Riding or to CIBA?  Welcome!

Whether you are getting back in the saddle after many years or you just want to join a fun group of like-minded people, CIBA is here for you. You don't have to be a club member to participate in any of our rides, but you do have to help all of us ride safely.

If you are unsure of your bicycle skills, consider connecting with CIBA's CyclingSavvy certified instructors (CSI).  Ian Seecof, the Safety & Education Chair, is a CSI and also an LCI with the League of American Bicyclists. Cheryl Sunman is a CSI and we collaborate with CSI/LCI Damon Richards, also the director of Bike Indianapolis. CIBA is the first club to become a CyclingSavvy affiliate club and offers CIBA members a discount for on-line courses.

If you haven't ridden in a CIBA ride before, be sure to introduce yourself to the ride leader and ask them any questions you might have. You may also request a ride mentor/ambassador to ride with you at your speed and chosen distance.

Group rides are an excellent place to learn ride etiquette and group skills from experienced cyclists.

What do you need to ride in a CIBA ride?

  1. A bicycle helmet is required for all riders on CIBA rides.
  2. A functional bicycle that is lubricated, has properly inflated tires, and brakes that work.  
  3. The ability to safely ride the distance needed.  Almost all CIBA rides are longer than 10 miles and if you haven't  ridden that far, it may prove to be an issue.  Make sure you have the ability to ride at least the shortest ride distance listed on the CIBA ride you plan to attend.  Our weekend rides usually have a SAG (someone to come get you and give a ride back to the starting point) if you overestimate your abilities but the repeating rides usually do not.
  4. Clothes - anything that works for you  - you do not need spandex bike attire when starting out.  The most important thing is to start riding.
  5. You do not have to be a CIBA member to participate in CIBA rides.  Come try a few.  If you find that CIBA rides are a routine part of your cycling activities, we hope you will support the club by joining and volunteering to help.
  6. Recommended - the knowledge, tools and ability to fix a flat tire on your bike while on the ride.  Bring a patch kit, spare tube, tire levers and the tools needed to get the wheels on and off of your bike.  Flats are a biking reality and being ready for one can save a long walk. Suggested reading; RU Ready to Ride.

Selecting a ride to attend:

  1. Pick the type of ride suitable to your capabilities and interests.
  2. CIBA offers many different types of rides.  Descriptions of CIBA rides are found by clicking here.
  3. The CIBA calendar lists the scheduled rides by category.  It is easy to navigate to find rides that you may want to attend.  The ride information on the calendar gives the dates/location/type of ride and expected rider ability.  If you don't know what your capabilities are,  look for rides that include a no drop (we won't abandon you) or beginner rider option. Click to Launch Calendar

Still not sure?

  1. We have all been through this new group thing. It can be intimidating but so rewarding once you get a couple of rides under your belt.
  2. Find a ride that has beginner support or ride mentors.  Talk to the ride leaders or indicate that you are a new rider before the ride starts.  CIBA will usually have someone that will ride with you and explain more about how this all works.


  • Look at Bicycling > New Riders Corner for tire changing and group riding instructions.
  • More ride guidelines at Ride Guidelines
  • Look at Bicycling >Safety - for several discussions of safety related issues.
  • You can find a list of board members here. Don't be shy. We are all here to have fun!

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