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The CIBA Club Account

CIBA is pleased to announce a wonderful members’ benefit with the establishment of a RideWithGPS.com (RWG) club account. This club account will be particularly great for our ride leaders as RideWithGPS.com provides a host of tools to create route maps and cue sheets with great ease, accuracy and clarity.

CIBA club members will be able to view routes and print their own copies of the map and cue sheets prior to the ride events. It’s a pretty slick product that many ride leaders be pleased to use.

You are encouraged to read the entire message about how to gain a basic knowledge of the site’s benefits and features. There are many online videos explaining the respective RWG features. The videos are informative and quite helpful. As you access RWG and there’s still something you do not understand, please use the Help box to find articles and videos related to your question.

There is NO additional cost to active CIBA members. The CIBA club account with RideWithGPS.com is a part of your CIBA member’s benefits.

CIBA members will need to have an individual profile at RideWithGPS.com. There is no charge for an individual account. And you will not need to upgrade your individual RWG account to access the advanced features of RWG. Use the CIBA Club Account to access the CIBA routes, maps, cue sheets and to download formats as TCX courses, GPX tracks, GPX routes and Cue Sheets as CSV files.

After establishing an individual RideWithGPS.com profile, to access the CIBA club account, click on the following link.


After clicking the above link, you’ll be automatically approved. Please do not share this link with anyone outside of the CIBA membership. This CIBA Club Account is intended as a benefit to paid, active CIBA members.

View the video of the club benefits at http://ridewithgps.com/help/club-benefits.

Benefits include:

  •   Turn-by-turn navigation on the mobile app (iPhone and Android apps)
  •   Offline maps on the mobile app
  •   Estimated Time
  •   Advanced Turn Notifications
  •   Print PDF Maps & Cue sheets

Many Garmin cycling devices and other GPS units can download TCX and GPX tracks directly to the devices for turn-by-turn instructions and as “breadcrumbs” displayed on the devices.

CIBA members who are ride leaders have the access to create the maps and cue sheets used for the CIBA repeating and weekend rides.

All other CIBA members can view those maps, cue sheets and download files, but will not have the rights to create or change the routes.

The Route Library is the central location to organize and share CIBA routes. Tags for Weekend, Repeating and Special Events rides provide organization, and manage route views, all on a single screen page.

There are over 80 CIBA ride routes currently in the Library. The current list is not nearly inclusive of all the Weekend and Repeating rides routes as this is a project in development. You can expect as the ride dates draw closer on the calendar, the Library will have each of the routes as described in the CIBA weekend, dinner, breakfast and repeating ride calendars.

When several routes are part of a single CIBA weekend or holiday ride, an “event” is created to include all the routes of that ride. The calendar shown on the front page of the CIBA Club Account lists the 'events' for that month. Clicking on an Event Name displays a page showing all the routes on a single map. From there, you can click on the respective routes to view the map of that route and its cue sheet.

You can also click a link to create a PDF of a map for the route and its cue sheet. The PDF is automatically e-mailed to your e-mail address for you to view and/or print from your e-mail message. Click Help and enter Events in the search box for articles related to Events.

While the majority of the route planning features are available to free users, there are additional Advanced Route Planning and Editing tools available in the CIBA club account that will help you easily create and customize complex routes.

Other features of RideWithGPS include:

Club Messaging


Messages posted on the CIBA Club account page provides information about upcoming rides, special announcements, or other news relevant to our CIBA members. Members can receive e-mails and notifications of messages and reply on the message board.

Only route and member managers can post new messages, but any member of the club can post a reply. We’ll work on a protocol for what and how messages will be posted. It is expected that we’ll use the Club Messaging feature to promote the weekend and holiday rides.

CIBA Ride Calendar


As rides are added to the CIBA library, CIBA members can import the events into your preferred calendar, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.

Starting Navigation on Club Routes


After being approved as a club member, download and install the free mobile app for iPhone or Android.  Sign into the app using the same e-mail address and password that you used on the RWG website. Tap the Hamburger Icon in the upper left corner to go into the app drawer. Go to CLUB ROUTES. This contains all the routes in CIBA’s Route Library.

Ride Analysis


For those who are not as statistically fanatic, the route maps can provide elevation profiles so before the ride, you can view what kind of hills and descents to expect.

For the geekier sector, after completing a ride, you can make sense of the data collected on your speed, distance, elevation, and more. Learn about splits, quicklaps, where to find your data, and ways to display the data. There are also elevation profiles that displays available sensor data including heart rate, power, cadence, and temperature for the riders who have accessory devices to collect the information during their ride.

Similar to Strava.com, there may be segments of the ride where your time is compared to other riders.

Understanding It All

RideWithGPS.com has a good list of Help pages that includes many videos showing step-by-step instructions. This is your first and best resource to understanding how to use and access the features available to you.

CIBA looks forward to a great bike riding season.


Marc Walter

CIBA Ride Committee Chair

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