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AS OF 1/28,  All 10x10 are Sold Out.  Tables, Bike Corral and Event Promo spaces are still available.

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AS OF 1/28, all 10x10 Spaces are Sold Out.
Last Update: 10 PM, 1/28/2019

 Table Island A
 Status  Table Island B
 A1 Ellis, Steve  B1 Brandt, Matthew   
 A2 Available
 B2 Katy Trail
 A3 Powell, R
 B3 Katy Trail
 A4 Degunya, Mark  B4 Available
 A5 Rusin, Jerry
 B5 Gibbs
 A6 Robertson, Jim
 B6 Reserved
 A7 Vonnegut, Richard B7 Available
 A8 Rothchild, Jason
 B8 Available
 A9 Kasper
 B9 Anda, Juan
 A10 Reserved
 B10 Cooper, Ron
 A11 Reserved
 B11 Howarth, Sean
 A12 Available
 B12 Stoner
 A13 Leibovitz, Adam
 B13 Johnson
 A14 Leibovitz, Adam
 B14 Naga, Attila

 Table Island C
 Status  Table Island D
 C1 Greene, Kegan
 D1 Oukada, Christopher
 C2 Greene, Kegan
 D2 Fetterer, Jeff
 C3 Ohlman, Mark  D3 Fetterer, Jeff
 C4   Ohlman, Mark  D4 Cox, Nick
 C5 Baier, Martin  D5 Horn, Bryan
 C6 Anagnostou, Jon  D6 Available
 C7 Available
 D7 Arlinghaus, Paul
 C8 Myers, Michael
 D8 Robertson, Jim
 C9 Schickel, Nathan
 D9 Gale, Tim
 C10 Schickel, Nathan
 D10 Gardner, David
 C11 Van Buskirk R
 D11 Gardner, David
 C12 Amon, Eric
 D12 heise, warren
 C13 Available
 D13 heise, warren
 C14 Puffer, John
 D14 Hughes, Don

 Table Island E
 Status Spaces
 E1 Scruggs, Dana
 S1 Wilson, Kevin
 E2 Wright, Mary
 S2E  Gress, John
 E3 Available
 S3E Meza, Oscar

   S4E Bluegrass Bicycles
  Table Island F   Status  S5E Bender, Zach
 F1 Percer, Cort
 S6E Ayala Jr, Joe
 F2 Percer, Cort
S11E Reserved
Sturges, Michael S12E Reserved
S13 Reserved
   Table Island G  Status S14 Bender, Zach
 G1 Available S15EHatley, Seth
 G2 Available S16E Siebenlist, Joni
G3 Available  S17E Murphy, Paul

  S18EGriffin, Rodney
Events IslandStatus  S19 Orwick, Phil
H2Tour De Donut - OH
Corner Spaces Status
H3Tour De Lakes - IN
CR2E Reserved
H4Spokes of Hope - IN

 H6Rollfast Gran Fondo -IN
 S22Scott, Ken 
 H7Amish Land & Lakes - IN
 S23Alert, Jason 
 H8Bike Carmel - IN S23Coffey, Jimmy Dean 
 H9Available - EventsS25 Coffey, Jimmy Dean
 H10Available - Events  

 Partner Tables  Status
 P1  Available
 P2 Freewheelin’ Community Bikes
 P3 IndyCog
 P4 Bicycle Indiana
 P5  Available
 P6E  Available
 P7E  Available

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AS OF 1/28,  All 10x10 are Sold Out.  Tables, Bike Corral and Event Promo spaces are still available.

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